Yet more sexism towards Hillary Clinton




Miss Representation talked about the phenomenon of female politicians (or any woman in power, really) being discredited and disrespected by references to their physical appearance and personality. While men are asked about politics and business, questions towards women revolve around beauty, motherhood, and interpersonal drama. This detracts from the woman’s professional talents and interests, and is a subtle but very widespread form of sexism. This happens to the most respected and powerful women in this country, so it says a lot about how ‘ordinary’ women are treated on a day-to-day basis. Here’s a recent example of the GOP being the worst yet again:



Hillary Clinton has been dealing with this crap for YEARS; even as Secretary of State, her hair, fashion, and age were under constant scrutiny. She has been an accomplished lawyer, a First Lady, a Senator, a Secretary of State, and now two-time presidential candidate, but apparently the most interesting thing about her is her boobs. Which of course have everything to do with her competency as a politician.

Full story behind the buttons: these were seen and tweeted by journalist Carla Marinucci, who found them outside VIP reception at a California GOP convention. In follow-up tweets, she clarified that the buttons had been removed less than an hour after she tweeted, and many convention attendees were also “concerned” and “appalled.” So the GOP is not ALWAYS completely terrible to women, just most of the time when it comes to their actual policies. Good to know.


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